Devon Williamson is a playwright whose plays are loved by producers, actors and audiences alike. Producers love the plays because they are easy to sell - great titles, hilarious comedy, characters and situations that audiences identify with. Actors love the plays because they are great fun to act with bold and interesting characters, intense conflict, great dialogue and enthusiastic audience response. Audiences love the plays because they have a great night out, seeing hilarious comedy, insightful drama, and stories that keeps an audience on the edge of its seat (when they are not rolling in the aisles!).

Devon has a wide experience in theater and works not only as a playwright but also as a director, actor, producer and theater tutor. This combined experience enhances each area of his work. He has been working in the theater and related industry since 1990.

He has written over a dozen plays, mostly full length ‘laugh out loud’ comedies.

Devon is employed by the Detour Theatre Trust to direct, write and tutor theater, and is well respected in the theater community. Detour Theatre has commissioned a number of his plays. Devon has directed over 30 plays and is a regular director for Detour Theatre. He is married with two adult children and lives in New Zealand.