how to train your husband

"A multi generational, clever look at marriage"

Cast: 5 female and 2 male actors.  
Length: 2 Acts (110 minutes)
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Sheryl can't get her husband to finish the renovation of the kitchen. This is bad enough at the best of times, but it's a cause of shame when her mother's (Kate) powers of husband training are approaching mythical status. In fact, Kate is so good that she's the founder and president of a support group named The First Chapter of the Lodge of Wifery Wiles. It's here that she is training lesser mortals such as her half-witted neighbors Gwen and Trudy who are preparing themselves for the day that they'll snare a couple of men of their own. Kate is quite simply the best there is.
The only problem for Kate is that she's so good that her husband Brian is completely under her command and his compliance has made him terminally dull. He's going to have to go.
Kate's granddaughter, Jessica, learns of Kate's plans to get rid of Brian and sets about re-training the zest and vigour back into him. Brian is quickly cajoled into action. He's going to transform into the hip, daring, and free spirited man no woman could resist. It's time to get his “gangster” on, go joyriding in a stolen police car, and party like a pirate.
Meanwhile, Gwen and Trudy have latched onto the new neighbour, Pete, a cross-dressing construction worker, and are putting their training into action. They're bringing out the big guns – and unexpectedly Pete can't get enough of it.
Kate is loving the new Denis and can't get enough of his cool devil-may-care persona. The hitch is that Denis is tired of playing games. If Kate isn't prepared to accept him for who he is, then she'll just have to find someone else. If he's learnt anything after all these years, it's that he just wants to be true to himself.
How to Train Your Husband has all the hallmarks of Devon Williamson's popular comedies – witty dialogue, laugh out loud comedy, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of heart. You'll never look at your own relationships the same again. 



5 Female / 2 Male

Kate: Wife to Denis. Mother to Sheryl. Grandmother to Jessica. Grandmaster of the Lodge of Wifery Wiles to Gwen and Trudy. Kate is the matriarch of the family. She has been so successful in training her husband Denis, that he has become dull and boring. She is the victim of her own success.
Sheryl: Wife to Richard (does not appear in the play). Daughter to Kate. Mother to Jessica. Sheryl's husband is having a “bro-mance” with her daughter's (Jessica) husband (Wayne). With the advent of the “bro-mance”, her husband training has hit a snag.
Jessica: Wife to Wayne (does not appear in the play). Daughter to Sheryl. Granddaughter to Kate. Newly married (perhaps a couple of years) she has made little if any progress in training her husband.
Denis: Husband to Kate. Father to Sheryl. Grandfather to Jessica.Denis lives to mow his lawns. He has been fully “trained” by his wife Kate.
Gwen: One of the “Weird Sisters”. Gwen is Trudy's twin sister. She knows Kate through the Lodge of Wifery Wiles of which she is a member. They desperately want to train a man but are not married.
Trudy: The other “Weird Sister”. Trudy is Gwen's twin sister. She knows Kate through the Lodge of Wifery Wiles of which she is a member. She desperately wants to train a man but is not married.
Pete: Pete has moved in next door to Jessica. He is a builder... and a cross-dresser.

what the critics are saying

"Another comedic delight with ‘How to Train Your Husband’ from the pen of Devon Williamson."
- Bay of Plenty Times

"Be prepared to giggle, squirm, and get involved in this multi generational, clever look at marriage. Ladies beware, some of the secrets are being let out!"


Spotlight Theatre - UK
Tommy O's Playhouse - USA 
Rangiora Players - New Zealand
Bridgetown Theatre - Australia
Swan Hill Theatre - Australia
Berrigan Theatre - Australia
Bay Players - Australia
Otaki Players  - New Zealand
Stratford  - New Zealand
Detour Theatre - Premier Season - New Zealand